Sheffwood Academy is a school for technology and the arts serving students in grades 6-12 in the mid-coast of Maine. Our programs will integrate technology and arts into our general education curriculum while also offering courses focused in these areas. All courses offered will be taught using an experiential, entrepreneurial approach while providing opportunities for practical application to ensure all of our students are prepared for educational and job opportunities in their desired fields. Layered on all of this is a focus on the whole of the student, and their wellbeing.


The arts is a valuable piece of any education and is also a source of passion for many young people. At Sheffwood Academy, students will have the opportunity to explore their passions and hone their craft while also learning valuable and necessary skills that will prepare them for further schooling and careers in the arts. Our program will allow students to focus on the visual and performing arts as well as learn skills in finance, contracts and marketing.


Technology is a growing field and Sheffwood Academy intends on offering a changing suite of courses to accommodate industry needs. To accommodate this we will have a selection of faculty that are both full time and also from the industry. Our courses will cover topics like robotics, website design and coding, engineering and alternative energy. Students will also have the opportunity to take courses in patent law, accounting and business courses.

General Education

Math, Science, English and Social Studies will play an important role at Sheffwood Academy. Because of this, the concepts will not just be taught in these courses but threaded throughout the art and technology curriculum. We are fully committed to students not only being able to show that they have gained mastery of required state standards, but also that they can use and apply their knowledge to further their studies and prepare them for the workforce.

Health & Wellness

Education at Sheffwood Academy means addressing the needs of the whole student. We will seek to do this through a combination of course offerings and support services. Courses in nutrition, yoga and meditation will compliment traditional health and physical education classes. The school will have a full time nurse practitioner on staff to handle illness and injury and to be able to treat and diagnosis as needed. We will address mental health concerns and self-care as no amount of intellectual gains will be enough if our graduates do not leave our school fully prepared for school and work.

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